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1. Promotion of enterprises. Type associated with the production. Trade and agricultural chemicals.

2. Encourage and assist members. Edit obstacle problems Including the negotiation. With outsiders. To no avail. Joint enterprises of the member.

3. Coordination unity and exchange knowledge and ideas with each other in the academic Trade News. As well as research on agricultural chemicals.

4. For statistical or document Or ask for any messages from members about the operations of the association with. Consent of the members.

5. Enhance product quality. The members are a manufacturer or distributor. To a good standard.

6. Cooperate with the government. To promote agricultural chemical products are In a good standard in line with the policy of the state.

7. Promote the production of chemical products. Are adequate to the needs of domestic and international markets.

8. Make an agreement or practice, or regulate its members. Refrain from action.

9. To promote the exercise. And sports to health. Wellbeing of its members as well as organize academic.

To enhance knowledge, skills and entertainment from time to time to build good relationships between members.

10. Conciliation disputes between members or between members and outsiders to. Enterprises.

11. To aid its members in terms of welfare