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History, and the establishment



Because of the basic occupation is agriculture in the former Thai Thai farmers use natural fertilizers in farming is important when times change, needs and developed. Making chemicals from abroad to play an important role agriculture now inescapably Production cost is higher, this results in the idea of producing and selling locally. This has brought the problem of using a long time ago, which are often caused by chemicals are not fully understood sure enough. One group of people sees it regularly Aqua importance of the agricultural chemical business. This is a critical factor in maintaining and increasing agricultural production at the same time. Have seen major disadvantages of the Thai people and Thai farmers today. And future related to the use and the agricultural chemicals business. Has the idea that unity together to help the Thai people and businesses to the fair and to Thai farmers. Able to purchase quality products at fair prices. By trying to push for free competition, and everyone can access business more easily within the framework of the law.

Agribusiness Association of Thai people founded by the entrepreneur who is Thai for the Thai people as the center of the agricultural chemical business. The association was registered at the Registrar of Trade Association Annual Bangkok on October 11, 2531 In addition, Sharp has a duty to promote the use of agricultural chemicals properly and safely. To get maximum benefit and encourage the distribution business with ethics
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